Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Big 4-0

Well, the day is here.  I am officially into a new decade of my life and onto the next age box to be checked.

But it's all good.  I'm forty, getting fit, and I feel fabulous!  My husband bought me the most beautiful tres leches cake with strawberry filling. I've been saving my calories for it since it weighs like 30 pounds.  Check it out:

I started the morning with zumba! I had bought a new pair of shoes over the weekend, so I was really excited to try them out.  They are actually cheer shoes, but they have the pivot point that you need for turns.  I so love this class!  It' so much fun, and it's like Kelly, Tangila, and I are out dancing minus the night and the drinks.  As much as I have been lamenting turning 40, I was in a great mood.  Kelly had good news, too; so it made the morning even better.  The music started, and I let go.  I jumped a lot more than usual, and with my new shoes, I was able to do all the turns that I had been missing with my sneakers.  I worked up quite a sweat!  Even my ponytail was wet.  Grace Kelly had on her belly dancing skirt, and she was working it!   She bought the same shoes, and I hope Tangila is on her way to Academy to get the same pair.  We are going together in May to a 3-hour zumbathon.  Won't we be cute in our matching shoes!

I had set this goal for myself to lose 12 pounds by today.  I didn't think this was an unrealistic goal because I set it at the end of January.  As of yesterday, I didn't think it was going to be possible.  I had resigned myself to the fact that it wasn't going to happen.  But it's almost like the universe gave me a birthday present, because I stepped on the scale, and I am down 13 pounds!  One more than I had hoped for! 

So the decade is off to a great start. We're going to the natatorium for the first-annual Easter egg dive, and it will be kabobs and mojitos later along with my pretty cake.   I've eaten 230 calories of my allotted 1200 and according to MyFitnessPal, I have a total of 1570 if I include my zumba calories burned.  I usually try not to go over the 1200 even with exercise, but tonight, I just might eat them all.   =D

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