Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Angry Bird

I know people have this animosity toward iPhones, but I love mine.  I'm seriously addicted to my phone.  So much so that after waking up in the middle of the night for any reason, I usually grab my phone and do something like check my e-mail.  I have been known to play a round of Angry Birds after getting up to go potty at 3 am.  Crazy I know.

Last night, my little one woke me up with a headache.  I gave her medicine and laid down with her til she fell back asleep.  Then off to bed I go...and grab my phone.  Earlier in the evening, I had commented on my neighbor's latest run of 4 miles in 39 minutes.  To me, that's awesome.  It's a 6 mph pace, which I'm aspiring to.  So it's somewhere around 2 am, and I see that one of his Facebook friends is basically mocking him and asked him if it really took him 40 minutes to run 4 miles!  He responds by saying he's not in the best shape. Well, I can't be accused of having tact at 2 am, so I asked 'what  was that supposed to mean.  I know people who run half marathons at that speed!'  I know it has nothing to do with me;, but my feelings were hurt, and I was offended. 

Then a series of received e-mails and message board posts later, I was back to being discouraged.  I was the angry bird wanting to kill the pigs for stealing my eggs.  I had to send a message to the ladies in my women's group and say a prayer of urgency to get myself back on track.  I was comforted on my bad day by my husband when I got home.  But I still felt angry when I thought about the whole mph thing. 

So I put on my running shoes (Did I mention I found out I had a pair of running shoes?  They were in my closet!  Who knew?)  So I put on my running shoes, and thought I would run the 2.25 mile track I had mapped out the night before.  The weather was beautiful with a lovely breeze.  I hadn't run 2 miles in a while, so I let go of the anger as I knew I would have to concentrate on the distance rather than my speed. 

It came time to turn back into my neighborhood, but I kept going.  I went to the end of the street to make the bigger loop.  When I made it down to my street, I wanted to hear the rest of the song that was playing, so I kept going until it ended.  It ended up being 2.75 miles.  I calculated my pace to an average of 3.8 mph. 

So now, I don't feel angry.  I feel bad for my neighbor.  I may be slow, but I have come a long way.  And not one person has said anything derogatory to me about my speed, or lack thereof, even if that's what they are thinking.  I hear congratulations and encouragement.  When I say negative things about my speed, my friends say "at least you're doing it" or "hey, you can run for an hour!"  He has just started running himself, and he's doing great!  That's what his friend should have posted on Facebook! 

Anyhow, I finished off the night by getting on the exercise ball and doing some crunches and arm exercises with 10 lb weights while watching reruns of Frazier.  I'm no longer an angry bird, just a tired one.  (Yawn inserted here)

Goodnight! =)

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  1. I accidentally deleted the email you sent, so Ill respond with a comment to your blog. No I didn't know you had a blog, but I do now...
    My facebook friend is just being himself. My response was crafted to assay any other comments on his behalf. He is just who he is and there is not much more to be said. He has had many positive posts in the past, but I think this one hit a personal note that brought out his sometimes very negative disposition. I am encouraged by yours and other post's. I am consistently being told at work that a 10 min. mile is commendable for someone starting out. I had many encouraging things said, and you just happened to catch the one negative jab posted by a person that has fought with a physical condition most of his life. I believe there is to much negativity in the world and this is a good example that our comments and actions effect more than who they were intended for. I hate that it upset and angered you, but I'm glad that you found a way to let it challenge you in your own efforts. Keep up the running. We love your blog!

    P.S. Sign up for the Houston Marathon begins in June.