Friday, April 22, 2011

Against the Wind

Today I was checking out the thesaurus.  I know I've mentioned that I'm slow.  I run slow, I walk slow, yada yada yada.  Now that I've tried swimming, I know that I'm slow at that too.  And that's okay.  But slow has such a negative connotation, and I don't want to sound like I'm down on myself all the time.  So I went to and typed in slow.  There is no nice word for slow.  I found crawling, drowsy, idle, inactive, lackadaisical, leisurely, lethargic, passive, snail-like, and stagnant to name a few. I figured leisurely is probably the best option, but it really doesn't describe what I'm trying to do.  It's not like I'm out taking a leisurely jog; I'm really trying!  I'm pushing, I'm sweating, I'm reaching for goals!  There has to be a better word.  Alas, for now, I'm stuck with slow.

So today was going to be a jogging day.  My husband bought me an armband for my phone for my birthday, so I put it to use.  I wrapped it around my left arm nice and snug.  It worked great, but next time I have to put my headphones through my sleeves or something, because the cord kept getting caught on my elbow.  He also bought me some eye black for the Warrior Dash.  It made me laugh, but really I thought it was romantic. One of these days, I'll have to try it out.  I was thinking of that and imaging what I would look like with eye black on while running through the neighborhood.  As if to answer, I passed a couple of people I knew from my daughter's school days.  We said hi as we passed each other, but I thought of how silly I would have felt if they saw me with eye black running around.  They know nothing of this adventure, and probably would have thought I lost my mind.  =)  Picture it.  It's funny.

So I had a good laugh, but then I got spooked. I'm pretty much a scaredy cat anyway, but today when a truck backtracked one too many times, I panicked a little and changed my course.  I was going to go back in the neighborhood, but instead went on the trail and by the park. I felt like I was going a little faster today, but I tried not to focus on it.  There was a wonderful breeze, and I imagined Bob Seger singing Against the Wind.  I'll have to download that one; maybe I'll get an entire Bob Seger playlist.  I ended the jog with a trek up the hill behind our house, and it ended up being a 1.88 mile track. When I calculated it out, my pace was 4.13 mph!  That's a new record for me!  It felt really good.

I have to say I'm really not looking forward to the summer.  It's already getting so warm here, and soon the lovely breeze that accompanies me on the trail will be gone. I'm enjoying the outdoors so much more than I thought I would; but I guess I can go back to running on a treadmill if the sun threatens my quest.  Until then, I'll be running with or against the wind with a smile on my very red face.

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  1. You go girl! I'm really proud of you and keep it up!