Saturday, March 19, 2011


I knew I was in trouble this morning when I went upstairs and was out of breath.  Off to zumba my daughter and I went joined by her friend.  I'm happy to say that the music was back to normal and there was no warming up to country and western.  =)  This class was tough though.  I had trouble getting my breathing into a good rhythm and I was just overall winded.  Maybe this is just recovery mode.  I hope so, because I've come too far to feel this weak.

After class was over, we headed over to the weight room where I started the circuit training while my daughter hit the treadmill.  OMG!  I felt soooo weak!!  I went back down to the 10 lb weights and barely made it through the two sets.  It was challenging, but the voice in my head told me to just do it.  If I cheated, I would only be cheating myself.  So I pushed through, and I was never so happy to just stretch after I was done.

Ironically, I have lost the most weight this week even though it has been my least active week. What gives?

This weekend, the Warrior Dash was close to home in Conroe.  I wish I would have thought about it and made the trip to get a glimpse of my upcoming challenge. 

Although maybe it's better that I just wait and speculate until my time comes in November.  Less visualization of all that mud...and fire...and murky water.

Mud and fire and water, oh my!
Mud and fire and water, oh my!

I'm off to eat some protein and get to bed early.  Maybe all this weakness will come to and end soon.

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