Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sweaty Sunday

I don't know why I become this I-don't-want-to-work-out person on SundaysBut I do.  I was way overdue for my circuit training.  I knew I had to do it today along with something else.  But I didn't want to.

So at 4 this afternoon, I was cleaning up.  I was debating if I was going to the gym to do the circuit training, or if I was just going to jog around the neighborhood.  So I called my friend.  She was doing laundry.  What's more fun than laundry?  A walk!  But she was sick.  So I called my neighbor.  She was taking a nap.  So, I have no accomplice in my wimping out.  No one to give me an excuse to skip the gym.  Some friends, huh!  (just kidding Holly and Diedre!)

Off I go to the rec center.  I grabbed the weights and got started.  I had a good workout but for some reason today I just noticed everyone else that was working out.  I usually have tunnel vision. But on this sweaty Sunday, everyone is in better shape than me.  Everyone looks better, everyone is stronger, and everyone is thrilled to be working out.  Blech!!

So after my circuit training, I get out of the weight room and head upstairs to the track.  I start my iMapMyRun app and start jogging.  Around I go, once, twice, three times.  This is good.  Then one of the better, stronger, thrilled girls from the weight room passes me up.  So, not only is she better, stronger, and happier; she's faster too!  Really?  Then two other people showed up on the track, and they were faster than me too!  I ran for a little over 16 minutes before I checked the app to see where I was on my distance, but the app failed me again and stopped recording at .03 miles.  AAAhhhhhh!!!  I think I ran 12 laps, but I really wasn't counting because I was counting on the app.  It averages somewhere around 4 mph.

So I'll stop complaining now.  It was a good workout day, just a not so good esteem day.

I'll have to work on that.  I'll start now.

I'm on a journey.  Not for a day, but for the rest of my life.
Even though everyone passed me up, I kept a steady pace and ran longer than my counterparts.
Not even two months ago, I couldn't even run a quarter of a mile.
I'm a Warrior Princess

I'm a Warrior Princess
I'm a Warrior Princess....

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  1. Oh yes... those dreaded days, we all have them. We all need to change those voices in our heads ... either that or tell them to shut the up! Congrats on a great workout day my wonderful WP sister! You're doing great :-) ((HUGS))