Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Monday, Monday

Is it just because it’s Monday, or are my workouts becoming increasingly more difficult?

I hope it’s because it’s Monday. 

I hit the gym early today to tackle my circuit training.  I warmed up with a good 10 minute jog at 3.8 mph.  Slowly but surely getting faster, and it was really encouraging that the 10 minute jog is getting easier.  Not so with the circuit.  Lol  As I start running through the program, I added two pounds to the curl press on the ball and held a 25 lb weight when doing the ball crunches.  That’s the only thing I did differently, but my gosh, I felt like I was jelly when I was done with the whole thing.  It was a great workout-especially for a Monday.

Later, Grace Kelly and I met up for water aerobics.  Today the instructor focused on abs quite a bit, so we may have a new body part that will be protesting tomorrow.  We shall see.  I’m trying to incorporate the advice Kyle gave me of engaging your abs while doing water aerobics.  Next week, Grace may just swim since she is also training for a triathlon!  I’m telling you, this woman is awesome!

I do have to tattle on us though.  After water aerobics, we had our women’s group.  We showed up, wet hair and all, for our study.  But our group leader’s birthday is tomorrow, so someone brought cheesecake. CHEESECAKE!!   So I kid you not, as we are sitting there, in a church, talking about the bible, there was evil sitting on my plate disguised as a cheesecake!  Kelly and I exchanged a glance and mouthed, “not on the Warrior Dash diet!” to each other.

In the end, we did partake of the evil cheesecake.  But just a couple of bites.

After all, it is a Monday.

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