Thursday, March 31, 2011

Eye of the Tiger

Today's workout was kind of all over the place.  I didn't really know what to do.  I want to try sprinting, but there's always that something holding me back.  I don't know what it is, but I think most people have it.  I was talking with a friend at work today who feels this when she is riding horses.  It's fear, right?  I think I'm doing this Warrior Dash to get over some of these fears, but somehow I think I'm finding more.

Why, oh why is the rec center busy at 8:30 at night?  I need isolation; don't these people understand I'm trying to conquer something here? Geez! I went ahead and got on the treadmill and set it for 30 minutes.  I walked, then jogged, then I sprinted at 6.5 mph for an undetermined amount of time.  It wasn't long, not even 30 seconds I'm sure.  But those were the fastest seconds of my adult life.  Once my heart rate came back down, I did another jaunt at 5.5 mph.  This one was closer to 30 seconds.  After that I walked somewhere around 3 mph with an incline of 3.5,  The last 15 minutes, I jogged the sides at 5 mph and walked the curve, and I do mean walked - slowly.   (There is a lighted track on the treadmill so you can tell)  The last two minutes, I ran at 5.5.  It kicked my butt!  It was a very scattered workout, but since my heart rate was up and down and up and down I think it could be considered interval training.

After that, I used some of the weight machines. While there, Eye of the Tiger by Survivor came on.  It made me laugh because before I knew it I was lifting weights to the beat!  It is a catchy tune.  ;)

Before cooling down on the mat, I tried on of the ab exercises that I've seen people doing.  It's similar to the exercise in the P90X videos called the mason twist.  You balance on your butt twist from side to side trying to touch the floor.  I didn't remember it exactly, so my modified version had my feet only slightly off the floor and I held a 4 lb ball while twisting.  I could definitely feel it; and the eye of the tiger incited me to keep going, and I ended up doing four sets instead of the two that I had planned on.

Must have been doing okay because some guy started talking to me.  Turns out he is turning 40 in April (like me) and he never thought he'd be this out of shape at this age.  He thought he would be retiring from professional baseball.  And he has 20 projects going on at work.  I really didn't know how to respond, so I struck a downward dog pose, and when I came out of it he was gone.  On a good note, I can now hold a downward dog pose longer than I could two months ago.

And that is a good thing.  Day by day.  It's all day by day.

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