Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Back in the Saddle

After being sabotaged for two days, I got to the gym today.  Yea!  (I wasn't seriously sabotaged, but it sounds more dramatic.)  Wednesday is usually my day of rest because my husband plays softball.  Lucky for me, his game was late; so I came home, got dressed, and took off to the rec center.

I warmed up with a 15 minute run.  I warmed up slowly and then set the pace at 4 mph.  The last 3 minutes came along, and I upped the speed to 4.5 mph.  Then (drum roll here) I ran the last minute at 5 mph!  This is the first time I have even attempted this speed, so I was excited and I survived it!  I have wanted to try to sprint for a short distance, but it really intimidates me.  I guess I can consider this a starter sprint?

I debated for a short time on whether to increase the reps of the circuit training or increase the weight.  I'm just not sure which would be better.  I opted for the two sets and then continued on other machines for some extra work on my arms and thighs.  I did make a different type of observation today.  Everyone is working on their abs.  Men and Women.  Maybe thinking about summer and the six pack?  I don't know, but I've even seen people carrying around magazines and following some kind of ab regiment.  They obviously haven't heard about Shellie.

To finish off, I decided to tackle the stationary bike again.  This time I didn't get one where you sit back in a chair, but one that was more like a bike.  I set it for 20 minutes, gradually increasing the level of resistance as I went on.  It was fine, but my butt hurt 8 minutes in to it.  I think I was kind of slow, too because the distance was 4 1/4 mile.  Hardly ready for a spinning class, but since the only classes are at 5:30 in the morning, I wouldn't be able to attempt one anyway. 

I was happy to have a good, long workout and be part of the sweat club again; although I still don't like missing two days in a row.  I just feel like it would too easy to fall back. 

All is quiet in the house now, little one is asleep and hubby is off playing softball.  Since I'm basically free for the night and trying to make up for lost time today, I'm signing off now to do the yoga I missed on Monday.

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