Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Ab Ripper

Not the P90X Ab Ripper, but an ab ripper by the name of Shellie.  Since we're on a different schedule this week with spring break, I attended my first pilates class in over 6 years.  I used to go to them regularly, and I always really enjoyed them.  Since my abs are in serious need of assistance, off I go.

First intimidation factor-I'm the first one there!

Second intimidation factor-Only one other woman shows up, and she looks like a Barbie doll.

We get started and right away, I like the instructor because she gives good instructions on pilate posture and imprinting and all the good things you need to know to have a good workout.  She's constantly reminding us of shoulders down which doesn't happen too often on dvd's.

Third imtimidation factor-She says we're doing so well, we're going to do planks.

OH NO!  I am not good at planks!

Basically, I just held the plank as long as I could, but I couldn't do the exercises along with the plank. 

It was a good class, and I made it through.  Afterward, I was talking with the instructor who was complimenting me on how well I had done since I had told her it had been a few years since my last class.  She said my form was really good and she could tell I was trying to hold my form and abs in.  That made me feel really good! 

Then she added, that you usually can tell when people are just sitting rather than engaging, "especially in larger women."  Grab the needle and pop the balloon!

But oh well, I guess I'll just take the compliment.  I really think that's how she meant it anyway. 

So I'm hoping to have that wonderful sore feeling in the morning.  I think my abs are in need of more severe workouts since I haven't had much soreness in that area.  Maybe I'll find a way to add pilates to my weekly plan.

This was my first workout since my vacation and coinciding illness.  But I'm happy to report that the Warrior Princess is back and ready for battle!!


  1. This warrior princess is missing the workouts so bad!! I have 2 more weeks.

    You are doing amazing!! Love it!!!