Thursday, March 31, 2011

Eye of the Tiger

Today's workout was kind of all over the place.  I didn't really know what to do.  I want to try sprinting, but there's always that something holding me back.  I don't know what it is, but I think most people have it.  I was talking with a friend at work today who feels this when she is riding horses.  It's fear, right?  I think I'm doing this Warrior Dash to get over some of these fears, but somehow I think I'm finding more.

Why, oh why is the rec center busy at 8:30 at night?  I need isolation; don't these people understand I'm trying to conquer something here? Geez! I went ahead and got on the treadmill and set it for 30 minutes.  I walked, then jogged, then I sprinted at 6.5 mph for an undetermined amount of time.  It wasn't long, not even 30 seconds I'm sure.  But those were the fastest seconds of my adult life.  Once my heart rate came back down, I did another jaunt at 5.5 mph.  This one was closer to 30 seconds.  After that I walked somewhere around 3 mph with an incline of 3.5,  The last 15 minutes, I jogged the sides at 5 mph and walked the curve, and I do mean walked - slowly.   (There is a lighted track on the treadmill so you can tell)  The last two minutes, I ran at 5.5.  It kicked my butt!  It was a very scattered workout, but since my heart rate was up and down and up and down I think it could be considered interval training.

After that, I used some of the weight machines. While there, Eye of the Tiger by Survivor came on.  It made me laugh because before I knew it I was lifting weights to the beat!  It is a catchy tune.  ;)

Before cooling down on the mat, I tried on of the ab exercises that I've seen people doing.  It's similar to the exercise in the P90X videos called the mason twist.  You balance on your butt twist from side to side trying to touch the floor.  I didn't remember it exactly, so my modified version had my feet only slightly off the floor and I held a 4 lb ball while twisting.  I could definitely feel it; and the eye of the tiger incited me to keep going, and I ended up doing four sets instead of the two that I had planned on.

Must have been doing okay because some guy started talking to me.  Turns out he is turning 40 in April (like me) and he never thought he'd be this out of shape at this age.  He thought he would be retiring from professional baseball.  And he has 20 projects going on at work.  I really didn't know how to respond, so I struck a downward dog pose, and when I came out of it he was gone.  On a good note, I can now hold a downward dog pose longer than I could two months ago.

And that is a good thing.  Day by day.  It's all day by day.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Back in the Saddle

After being sabotaged for two days, I got to the gym today.  Yea!  (I wasn't seriously sabotaged, but it sounds more dramatic.)  Wednesday is usually my day of rest because my husband plays softball.  Lucky for me, his game was late; so I came home, got dressed, and took off to the rec center.

I warmed up with a 15 minute run.  I warmed up slowly and then set the pace at 4 mph.  The last 3 minutes came along, and I upped the speed to 4.5 mph.  Then (drum roll here) I ran the last minute at 5 mph!  This is the first time I have even attempted this speed, so I was excited and I survived it!  I have wanted to try to sprint for a short distance, but it really intimidates me.  I guess I can consider this a starter sprint?

I debated for a short time on whether to increase the reps of the circuit training or increase the weight.  I'm just not sure which would be better.  I opted for the two sets and then continued on other machines for some extra work on my arms and thighs.  I did make a different type of observation today.  Everyone is working on their abs.  Men and Women.  Maybe thinking about summer and the six pack?  I don't know, but I've even seen people carrying around magazines and following some kind of ab regiment.  They obviously haven't heard about Shellie.

To finish off, I decided to tackle the stationary bike again.  This time I didn't get one where you sit back in a chair, but one that was more like a bike.  I set it for 20 minutes, gradually increasing the level of resistance as I went on.  It was fine, but my butt hurt 8 minutes in to it.  I think I was kind of slow, too because the distance was 4 1/4 mile.  Hardly ready for a spinning class, but since the only classes are at 5:30 in the morning, I wouldn't be able to attempt one anyway. 

I was happy to have a good, long workout and be part of the sweat club again; although I still don't like missing two days in a row.  I just feel like it would too easy to fall back. 

All is quiet in the house now, little one is asleep and hubby is off playing softball.  Since I'm basically free for the night and trying to make up for lost time today, I'm signing off now to do the yoga I missed on Monday.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Two nights. No workout!!!

I am not happy!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sweaty Sunday

I don't know why I become this I-don't-want-to-work-out person on SundaysBut I do.  I was way overdue for my circuit training.  I knew I had to do it today along with something else.  But I didn't want to.

So at 4 this afternoon, I was cleaning up.  I was debating if I was going to the gym to do the circuit training, or if I was just going to jog around the neighborhood.  So I called my friend.  She was doing laundry.  What's more fun than laundry?  A walk!  But she was sick.  So I called my neighbor.  She was taking a nap.  So, I have no accomplice in my wimping out.  No one to give me an excuse to skip the gym.  Some friends, huh!  (just kidding Holly and Diedre!)

Off I go to the rec center.  I grabbed the weights and got started.  I had a good workout but for some reason today I just noticed everyone else that was working out.  I usually have tunnel vision. But on this sweaty Sunday, everyone is in better shape than me.  Everyone looks better, everyone is stronger, and everyone is thrilled to be working out.  Blech!!

So after my circuit training, I get out of the weight room and head upstairs to the track.  I start my iMapMyRun app and start jogging.  Around I go, once, twice, three times.  This is good.  Then one of the better, stronger, thrilled girls from the weight room passes me up.  So, not only is she better, stronger, and happier; she's faster too!  Really?  Then two other people showed up on the track, and they were faster than me too!  I ran for a little over 16 minutes before I checked the app to see where I was on my distance, but the app failed me again and stopped recording at .03 miles.  AAAhhhhhh!!!  I think I ran 12 laps, but I really wasn't counting because I was counting on the app.  It averages somewhere around 4 mph.

So I'll stop complaining now.  It was a good workout day, just a not so good esteem day.

I'll have to work on that.  I'll start now.

I'm on a journey.  Not for a day, but for the rest of my life.
Even though everyone passed me up, I kept a steady pace and ran longer than my counterparts.
Not even two months ago, I couldn't even run a quarter of a mile.
I'm a Warrior Princess

I'm a Warrior Princess
I'm a Warrior Princess....

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lights, Camera...

It's Saturday, which can only mean one thing!  It's time for zumba!!  I get to the rec center, sans Grace Kelly (she's camping with the fam) but to my happy surprise, my friend Tangila was there.  It was a fun, hip-shaking, salsa-dancing hour.  There was lots of new new music and choreography today.  I'm sad to say that I think Waka Waka has not made the cut.  I haven't heard it in a few weeks.

After class, our teacher tells us that she is making a video for an audition.  If we want to stay for her audition video, we can have an extra class, but the cameras will be there.  As she's telling us that we won't be in the video, Tangila and I are talking and catching up in the back of the room.  Then the lights came in; then the cameras came in, and we sprang into action by leaving the room...quickly.  We weren't going to take any chances.

Warrior Princess-Yes!
Warrior Princess on video-No!

Friday, March 25, 2011

It's Official

I am now registered for the Warrior Dash!  There's no turning back now.

So my husband says to me that I should start practicing climbing things.  Things like the grassy hill behind our house that leads to the trail.  I should run up and down it and climb it.  I should not worry about falling and use my hands if I think I'm going to.

"Yeech!" I say and shudder.  My hands? On the grass?  With stickers?  And Bugs?

I can't imagine why he walked away shaking his head.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Plank vs. The Plank

I love pilates.  I remember loving the classes before my little one was born.  And even though I haven't regularly attended a pilates class in over 6 years, I am loving the class on Thursdays at the rec center. 

With that being said, I hate planks!  I HATE them.  Probably because I am pretty weak when it comes to doing them.  I think I would rather walk the plank than actually do a plank. 

I got to the rec center 30 minutes before the pilates class, so I hit the treadmill.  I managed a 15 minute mile.  Actually it was more like 15 minutes 25 seconds but pretty close to a consistent 4.0 mph run.  I was nice and "glistening" when I walked into pilates.  Today there was more than me and Barbie.  There was actually 7 ladies including Grace Kelly!  This was her first pilates class, so Yea Kelly!  Ab Ripper Shellie was pretty tough today, much tougher than last week.  There was kind of a faster pace to the class, and it was challenging.  And it included planks!   >=O    Once again, I just held the plank as long as I could.  I hate them, but I do them.  I try to do them. 

According to Nietzsche, "That which does not kill us makes us stronger."  I'm wondering if Nietzshe ever did planks.  I know doing them is the only way to get stronger.  And since I didn't do my circuit training today, I needed to take advantage of every full body exercise I was doing.

On a last note, Warrior Dash posted the Central Texas race on Facebook today.  We'll be signing up this weekend!  With only 240 days to go, WP "likes" this!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Late Night and Field Trips

It was a late night workout last night.  I had my women's group which ran a little late, so I didn't get to the gym until 9:00.  And it was crowded!  WTH!!  I've never seen it to crowded at night!  Whatever!  I jumped onto the elliptical machine and did 1/2 a mile in 10 minutes for a warm up.

When I got to the mat, I had to share.  Which is no big deal, but usually at night, I don't have to.  While the guy that was already there was doing every ab exercise known to man, I started in on my circuit training. Almost immediately, I could tell it was going to go well; at least much better than Saturday.  Pretty soon those gross little beads started to run down my face, but it was not enough to scare Mr. Abs away.  I accidentally forgot to do the second set of boso push ups, and I wonder how much of an accident it really was, being that I LOVE boso pushups (not!).  ;D

It was kind of hard waking up this morning, but it was the day of the 1st grade field trip so at least the morning was a little more laid back since I was not going to work.  I dropped my little one off and came back home for a nap.  But on second thought, I had an hour and a half before I had to be back at school, so I opted for a run instead.  I got dressed and hit the trail, this time starting at the house rather than the trail.  It ended up being a 1.8 mile track which my average pace was 3.75 mph!  Not as fast as my last run, but I attribute that to it being early and I had had virtually no coffee!  Considering the coffee thing, I should be happy that I was even upright!

It was really nice being able to jog outdoors in the morning; the breeze was nice and cool.  I know that won't last long being that we're in Texas, but I think I'll try to take advantage of that while I can on the weekends.

We're home now from the field trip, and we had a great time.  We saw a play and then had a picnic lunch.  Maybe now we'll take advantage of me being home early and head to the pool.

It will be an early night tonight!  I hope!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

UnMap My Run

On a sad note, my daughter went back to school today.  It was so great having her with us this week, but I know she's doing what she is meant to do; so it's bittersweet. 

After she left, I took my youngest to the natatorium.  Luckily for us, the warm-up pool was closed due to filtration problems.  This meant that we had no choice but to swim in the 8'-16' pool.  It's usually only for lap swimmers and the diving boards.  She is quite the little swimmer, and as for me - I got to tread water for the better part of the hour and a half that we were there.  We also swam about four laps, slowly since I was following her, but four nonetheless.  Four for her is awesome, too!  I was impressed!

At church today, her topic was courage.  So before we left, she tackled the high dive!  No hesitation, just climbed up the ladder, walked down the plank, and jumped right in!  Then she encouraged another little girl who was more apprehensive about jumping.  She kept shouting, "be brave!"  So cute, and I was so proud!

We got home, and I started dinner; then I took off for a run.  I mixed it up by starting on the trail and then going through the neighborhood.  Somehow the GPS on the iMapMyRun app was way off!  I hate it when it does that!!  >=(  It had me going through neighbor's yards and buildings!  But I mapped it on the computer when I got home, and it ended up being a 1.6 mile course.  Disappointing because I thought it would be more.  BUT the exciting news is that my time was 23.53 minutes!  Which is 4.08 mph and about 5 minutes faster than my last route that was about the same distance!!  4.08 mph!!!  For 23 minutes!!!  And my legs didn't even hurt! =D

Can you tell I'm excited!?!?

I'm excited! 

Treading water and running.  Not too bad for a Sunday workout.  Alas, spring break is over, and it's back to work tomorrow.  It sure was a good one.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


I knew I was in trouble this morning when I went upstairs and was out of breath.  Off to zumba my daughter and I went joined by her friend.  I'm happy to say that the music was back to normal and there was no warming up to country and western.  =)  This class was tough though.  I had trouble getting my breathing into a good rhythm and I was just overall winded.  Maybe this is just recovery mode.  I hope so, because I've come too far to feel this weak.

After class was over, we headed over to the weight room where I started the circuit training while my daughter hit the treadmill.  OMG!  I felt soooo weak!!  I went back down to the 10 lb weights and barely made it through the two sets.  It was challenging, but the voice in my head told me to just do it.  If I cheated, I would only be cheating myself.  So I pushed through, and I was never so happy to just stretch after I was done.

Ironically, I have lost the most weight this week even though it has been my least active week. What gives?

This weekend, the Warrior Dash was close to home in Conroe.  I wish I would have thought about it and made the trip to get a glimpse of my upcoming challenge. 

Although maybe it's better that I just wait and speculate until my time comes in November.  Less visualization of all that mud...and fire...and murky water.

Mud and fire and water, oh my!
Mud and fire and water, oh my!

I'm off to eat some protein and get to bed early.  Maybe all this weakness will come to and end soon.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Ab Ripper

Not the P90X Ab Ripper, but an ab ripper by the name of Shellie.  Since we're on a different schedule this week with spring break, I attended my first pilates class in over 6 years.  I used to go to them regularly, and I always really enjoyed them.  Since my abs are in serious need of assistance, off I go.

First intimidation factor-I'm the first one there!

Second intimidation factor-Only one other woman shows up, and she looks like a Barbie doll.

We get started and right away, I like the instructor because she gives good instructions on pilate posture and imprinting and all the good things you need to know to have a good workout.  She's constantly reminding us of shoulders down which doesn't happen too often on dvd's.

Third imtimidation factor-She says we're doing so well, we're going to do planks.

OH NO!  I am not good at planks!

Basically, I just held the plank as long as I could, but I couldn't do the exercises along with the plank. 

It was a good class, and I made it through.  Afterward, I was talking with the instructor who was complimenting me on how well I had done since I had told her it had been a few years since my last class.  She said my form was really good and she could tell I was trying to hold my form and abs in.  That made me feel really good! 

Then she added, that you usually can tell when people are just sitting rather than engaging, "especially in larger women."  Grab the needle and pop the balloon!

But oh well, I guess I'll just take the compliment.  I really think that's how she meant it anyway. 

So I'm hoping to have that wonderful sore feeling in the morning.  I think my abs are in need of more severe workouts since I haven't had much soreness in that area.  Maybe I'll find a way to add pilates to my weekly plan.

This was my first workout since my vacation and coinciding illness.  But I'm happy to report that the Warrior Princess is back and ready for battle!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Road to Recovery

Well, as much as I tried to deny it, I was sick.

It seemed fine as long as I kept moving, but Sunday we were in the car most of the day, and the ickiness settled in.  Not that I could do that much about it, because that was the start of our vacation.

I kept it at bay as much as I could with Zyrtec-D and Aleve, and I'm sure being outside in the fresh air helped.  We took our girls to Seaworld, joined by my sister and her family and our friends.  We had a great time!  But as soon as we got back in the car to come home, I couldn't keep my eyes open.  I took cough medicine last night, and today once again, I could fall asleep in any given moment.

As much as it sucks to be sick, it's not that bad when you're surrounded by loved ones and dolphins. 

So I'm going to sleep tonight, sans medication.  I thought about trying to wind down with some yoga, but really I'm afraid I'll fall asleep while doing downward dog and land on my face.  Instead, I'll plan on waking up well and refreshed to jump in tomorrow with circuit training and reclaim my WP status.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sweat Club!

March 5, 2011

You know those people at the gym, the ones who are dripping sweat and have wet spots all over their shirts from perspiration?  I have never been one of those people.  Even when I am past the “glistening” point of the workout, I have never have wet spots on my shirt; at least not where I could see them. 

Today, I joined that club.

I woke up, had some coffee, and was all set to head to the rec center and run through my circuit training before heading to zumba.  All prepared in my head for an intense day of exercise.  But all of a sudden I realized that I was an hour behind schedule!  No idea how it happened, but the gym opens at 8, and it was 8:45 when I was leaving, and it wasn’t until then that I realized my mistake. 


So I missed the circuit training and headed straight for zumba.  By the third song, I was breaking a sweat.  By the fourth I was dripping from my face.  By the sixth, I had a wet spot in the front of my shirt on my chest.  Gross!  And the spot only got bigger as the class went on.

So I’m wondering, why the big difference?  I have been working really hard this past month, but no spots?  I’ve been thinking and I am hoping that the reason is because my body is burning calories and eliminating toxins more efficiently.  At least this is what I’ll visualize – power of the mind and all that.

I’m really disappointed about missing the circuit training this morning, but if I don’t get to it tonight, I’ll hit it tomorrow.  I couldn’t stay after zumba because my youngest had a birthday party to go to for my honorary niece in which I was the co-chaperone.  We had a great day at the Rain Forest Cafe and Moody Gardens. 

Yesterday, I ran the jogging trail in our neighborhood which ended up being 1.58 miles.  According to my iMapMyRun app, I did this in 25.38 minutes, which is 2 minutes mph faster than my last 1.58 mile run around the neighborhood.  This is really good since the trail is a little bit of rougher terrain and there are some elevation changes.  I passed my husband and daughter fishing along the trail, and the little one ran the last 10th of a mile with me.  =)

She’s a warrior princess in the making!  I bet she wouldn’t even mind that I joined the sweat club.

I Love Salsa!

March 12, 2011

This is a line from one of the zumba songs.  And I do love salsa when dancing in my zumba class.  So imagine my surprise when the music started and the first song we heard was Chicken Fried by Zac Brown Band.  (I only know the title of this song because my daughter knows it)  That’s ok, as long as we get back to normal.  But then the second song started, and it was the Cotton-Eyed Joe!  Oh no!!!  It is early, and I am sick.  This rodeo-themed zumba is not going to do it for me. 

You can imagine how happy I was when the third song started playing, and we were sort of back to normal.  We had some new songs today along with some new choreography, but of course my dancer daughter picked up on them beautifully.  In fact, she put Grace and I to shame.  ;)   Well, at least she put me to shame!

We had fun; I look forward to that class every Saturday!  Later in the day, we had family time with the in-laws at the Kemah boardwalk.  Surely, I can count some of the walking there as exercise.  And then when I heard salsa music playing, we couldn’t help but shake our hips!  Because…

I love salsa!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Fuzzy Head Friday

Once again...I AM NOT GETTING SICK....

I enjoyed my Wednesday day off.  But instead of going to bed early, I went to watch my daughter cheer at the Texas State Basketball playoff game.  Go Bobcats!  They won, and a good time was had by all.  But it was a late night.  So Thursday morning, I think my body was starting to protest two late nights.  Alas, I had agreed to babysit for my friend as her husband had surprised her with rodeo tickets, which meant another late night. 

So that's two days of no exercise and little sleep, and my body is angry.

I've been sucking on Coldeez and Sudafed all day.  After dragging my medicine head around work all day, I decided to test my theory of jogging fighting off illness.  I suited up, and hit the trail behind the house. 

I was slower than ever and my legs hurt.  But amazingly enough, my breathing came very naturally and easily.  That surprised me since I couldn't breath all day.  At the end of it all, my head was clearer than it had been all day!  I don't get it, but it worked!  I was slower, a whole 3 minutes-but I will allow myself that since I was not 100%.  I also have to be pleased since running was the last thing I wanted to do.  What I really wanted to do was crawl into bed.

I do feel better.  I am hoping to get a great night's sleep to be ready for the fun-filled spring break ahead!

So I'm very excited that my daughter is home for spring break from college.  She'll be joining Grace Kelly and I at zumba tomorrow, and I can't wait!  No more fuzzy medicine heads, just hip-shaking hot stuff!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fat Tuesday

March 8, 2011

We have a birthday lunch every month at my work, and we celebrated it today on Fat Tuesday.  After my crappy cardio and overall bad  fitness day, I was daunted and Fat Tuesday had a whole new meaning for me.  Kelly was feeling pretty bad too as she didn't get a work out in at all the night before.   So rather than snacking on the junk, I had veggies.  For lunch the main dish was gumbo, so that was good, and then we covered our plates with salad.

But then we thought of desserts.  We each had a very small piece of the desert of our choice-brownie for Kelly and chess cake for me.  We calculated it to be between 100 and 115 calories for this indulgence.  I even had coffee with it just to savor the bite a little more.  And then we were fine.

When I got to the rec center, I have to admit I was completely thrown by the prior day's disaster.  I was kind of scared to get on the treadmill.  It was more crowded than normal which was also kind of bothersome in my fragile mental state.  ;)   I went to warm up and Kelly was just about to start the circuit training.  I considered following in her footsteps and warm up on the elliptical.  In the end, I did go back to the treadmill.

I set it for 15 minutes.  I started at 3.7 and then increased to 4 mph after the first minute.  After 5 minutes, I set it back down to 3.8 and kept it there until 13.5 minutes.  Then I upped it back up to 4 mph.  It felt better.  It felt good, and I was happy.

I ran through the circuit exercises, really trying to concentrate on pulling in my abs.  After my two sets, I thought I'd work more on abs, so I set the timer and did a plank.  I held it for 30 seconds (barely!)  I swear, the last 3 seconds were soooooo slllllooooowwwww!  I had no idea that 3 seconds could last so long!  After that, I used the sit up bar (I guess that's what you call it) and I did 5 half sit ups, holding it at the top.

I felt sweaty and salty, but I felt great putting the crappy cardio day behind me.  But then I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror.  With no make up.  And a very red face.  And a sweaty shirt.

I even scared myself.  I looked awful!  (I'm laughing right now picturing myself)  So as I was walking out, I put a smile on my face hoping that would help.  There's always hoping.  =D
So after my Fat Tuesday lunch and my very small dinner, my MyFitnessPal app shows I'm in the positive today with a total of 450 calories left for the day.  Guess it's not such a Fat day after all!  Yea!

Crappy Cardio!

March 7, 2011

Today was a bad, bad day!

First, I indulged in a shake from Chick-fil-A.  I know this is not on the Warrior Dash plan; but I wanted it, and I figured I would get to the gym before water aerobics and do some cardio to compensate.

But I got to the gym.  I got on the treadmill.  I set it for 20 minutes and took off.  It did not go well.  I couldn't get my breathing right.  It just felt awkward and wrong.  So I stopped after 10 minutes.  I did jog the whole 10 minutes at 4 mph, but it didn't feel as good as the day before.

No problem, 10 minutes is till 10 minutes and I still have water aerobics right?


When I got to the pool, my mom was already working out with the class, and my daughter was playing on the shallow side of the pool.  When I entered the water, she hollered with glee at the sight of me and asked me if I would stay and play with her.  Well, of course I could.  And we did.  We played chase mostly, with me doing the chasing of course.  She also climbed on my back and I ran two laps in the water, which I consider training for the Warrior Dash.  Got to get it in where you can, right?

So now, I have only 10 minutes of awkward running to take off the shake and fries (did I mention the fries?) and my legs hurt.  Not like, oh-my-legs-are-so-sore-because-I'm-working-out hurt; they hurt like ouch-did-I-hurt-myself-and-is-walking-really-necessary hurt.  I've been avoiding logging in my calories into my MyFitnessPal app because I know I'm over.  Bummer!

Geez-it was only 1/2 a small shake and a kid's size fry.  So I'm chalking it up to a bad day, and I will think twice before indulging and straying from the Warrior Dash plan again.  The thing is, you never know when a crappy cardio day is coming your way.  Lesson learned.

Enchanted Evening

March 6, 2011

So funny how we assume things.  My sister went out on out-of-town weekend for what I assumed was a wine-tasting weekend.  Instead she was at Enchanted Rock hiking up jagged granite and climbing rocks.  She is a rock climber.  She is amazing!  We talked this
evening, and it was just wonderful to be inspired and encouraged by the same person. 
Climbing rocks - Wow!!  Maybe after the Warrior Dash, this is what I can aspire to.  We shall see.  In the meantime, I will be honored to cheer on my sister as she rocks the rocks!

While I did not climb rocks, I did jump on the treadmill for 10 minutes.  This time I ran 9 minutes at 4.0 mph and the last minute at 4.5!  I think on a non-circuit day, I may try to do 20 minutes at this pace and see how it goes.

I ran through my circuit program. Once again, I proved to be a member of the sweat club.  I added some ab machines to the end of the exercises just for good measure.  Before the cooldown and stretching, I went for more cardio.  I got on one of those bikes where you sit back in a chair and peddle assuming that this was going to be an easy cardio gig, a cooldown in itself compare to the treadmill.  Well, whatever!  I didn't like that, and I didn't really feel like it did much for me.  Maybe I didn't do it right, but I didn't feel anything until I pushed up the resistance to 10, and then the machine pooped out on me.  I guess the machine didn't like me either. >={~   Maybe I'll try one of the non-chair back bikes later this week. 

Thursday, March 3, 2011


After a night off from exercising, I felt refreshed and ready to go.  Unfortunately, the jazz class was shortened by 15 minutes, which only gave me 45 minutes to run through my circuit training.

I gave her a kiss and headed to the weight room.  I had warmed up at home since I knew I would be short on time, so I got right on the treadmill.  I warmed up with a 7 minute jog, this time the whole 7 minutes was at 4 mph!  Definitely tougher, but not unbearable.  I was concentrating on increasing my stride as well.  I have a pretty small stride, so I'm trying to be aware of that.  Afterwards, I got right to work on the circuit training and ran through the exercises quickly with virtually no break in between.  I was disgusting and sweaty in no time at all!  I made it through the whole thing twice in 30 minutes!  Since I had a few more minutes to spare, I went back to the medieval machine to do some pull ups.  This time, I didn't quite max the counterweight out.  I reduced it by 20 lbs and did 10 reps.  The last two I had to fight for.

I like to cool down to Pink's Glitter in the Air.  It's such a pretty song, and it's perfect for stretching.  I think I need to download Scandal's The Warrior  or maybe Xena has a good theme song.  I never watched it, so I don't know.  I'll have to look into that. 

Although Xena is a warrior princess, and I am now WP, I have to say I will not dress like her during the Warrior Dash.  Why, you ask?  See below:
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Or better yet:
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Just not sure if I can pull it off.  At least not while jumping in the mud!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Today was the day that I was dreading going to the gym.  I just couldn’t get excited about going.  I just didn’t want to!

After much self debating, I figured I would go to the natatorium.  Swim a couple of laps, tread some water-basically anything but getting on the treadmill or elliptical.  But then the little one went to bed a little late.  It was 8:00 by the time she fell asleep, and I wasn’t dressed and ready to go until 8:15.  By the time I would get there I would only have 30 minutes, and I didn’t want to be rushed.  Best laid plans, right?

Grace Kelly was there already going through the training exercises after warming up with a 20 minute treadmill run.  After checking in with her, I went over to tackle a run myself.  My friend, TerriĆ©, inspired me to use the 5K Loop button.  As much as I told myself I was not going to jog today, I hit the 5K Loop and got started, figuring I would walk what I could not run.  Kelly came and chanted positive messages before she left.  (Thanks, Kelly!) So I kept going, wanting to quit every 5 minutes-seriously! But I knew I could do 1.9 miles because I had done it before, so I pushed myself to do at least 2 of the 3.1 miles.

I got to 2 and kept going.  Then something weird happened.  Something switched, and for every ounce of me that wanted to quit, there was another part, a bigger part, telling me to keep going.  And then I wanted to finish it.  I wanted to imagine crossing a finish line.  I wanted to see the workout summary and know that I didn’t stop!

And I did it!  I even picked up the pace to 4 mph for the last .10 mile!  I think I let out a little chuckle when I saw the treadmill say it was time to cool down.  This time, I did walk the 2 minute cool down.
I texted my husband, my sister, and Kelly this picture with the message, “I just completed my first 5K.  I want to cry!”  My sister texted me back right away and said she was so proud of me.  And then I did cry.  Right there in the middle of the gym.  Luckily, my face was already beet red and no one could tell if they were paying attention.  =)

So I did it!  It took me almost an  hour, but then again – I jogged for almost an hour!  It’s a win-win!  My sister is calling me WP-Warrior Princess!  I think after tonight, it’s a title I’ll keep!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Monday, Monday

Is it just because it’s Monday, or are my workouts becoming increasingly more difficult?

I hope it’s because it’s Monday. 

I hit the gym early today to tackle my circuit training.  I warmed up with a good 10 minute jog at 3.8 mph.  Slowly but surely getting faster, and it was really encouraging that the 10 minute jog is getting easier.  Not so with the circuit.  Lol  As I start running through the program, I added two pounds to the curl press on the ball and held a 25 lb weight when doing the ball crunches.  That’s the only thing I did differently, but my gosh, I felt like I was jelly when I was done with the whole thing.  It was a great workout-especially for a Monday.

Later, Grace Kelly and I met up for water aerobics.  Today the instructor focused on abs quite a bit, so we may have a new body part that will be protesting tomorrow.  We shall see.  I’m trying to incorporate the advice Kyle gave me of engaging your abs while doing water aerobics.  Next week, Grace may just swim since she is also training for a triathlon!  I’m telling you, this woman is awesome!

I do have to tattle on us though.  After water aerobics, we had our women’s group.  We showed up, wet hair and all, for our study.  But our group leader’s birthday is tomorrow, so someone brought cheesecake. CHEESECAKE!!   So I kid you not, as we are sitting there, in a church, talking about the bible, there was evil sitting on my plate disguised as a cheesecake!  Kelly and I exchanged a glance and mouthed, “not on the Warrior Dash diet!” to each other.

In the end, we did partake of the evil cheesecake.  But just a couple of bites.

After all, it is a Monday.