Sunday, February 27, 2011

Waka Waka

February 19, 2011

So yesterday, I get a call from Kyle, who is my trainer for my one personal session.  He had something come up (being that’s its a Friday, I figured it was a date) but no problem.  We rescheduled for Tuesday and since we were able to talk a little bit, he says he will come up with some good core exercises to help me with my goals.  Maybe him cancelling is a good thing.

With that being taken off of the agenda, I took it easy.  My wonderful husband cooked me dinner and served me a glass of wine after.  Nice.  =)  Turned in early to get ready for Zumba!

Zumba!!!!!!  So much fun!  I’ve only been to two of these classes now, but boy is it a workout!  I still can’t figure out how to do a total body shake, but I’m not so sure that’s a bad thing at this stage of the game. I think I would get an even better workout if there were no mirrors.  It’s much better to “imagine in your head” what you look like rather than seeing the real thing.  I like that image better.  I look pretty damn good in my head.  My cousin, Gloria, joined me instead of going out to breakfast, so Yea! Gloria!!  So much fun!

I had put my keys and phone upstairs, but after the class, I was thinking I needed to take the elevator.  But I prevailed and climbed the stairs.   But then the track was right there!  Well, I thought, I can try to jog a couple of laps.  So off I go.  This track is 1/10 of a mile, so around I go once…twice…then I thought, I can go one more.  So I go one more, then I thought, I may as well go half a mile!  So I go for the 5; but then I lost count!  I think I’m on 6!  So I keep going…and going…and going.  Before I know it, I’m up to 9!  I can go a mile!!

This is exciting news!

But when I get to 10, I think what if I was actually at 4 when I thought I was at 5?  So I ran an extra one for good measure.  So to sum up, I either jogged 1 mile or 1 & 1/10 mile in 20 minutes!  Those last two laps were a little tough, but even though I looked like I was close to death, I felt pretty good.  I just kept singing Shakira’s Waka Waka in my head.   (If you want a good get-up-and-get-going song, this is a great one!) I ran without my Ipod, so between that and running on a track and not a treadmill, it added another dimension to the game.  I doubt I can take my music with my on the Warrior Dash.  Well I’d be afraid to anyway with the mud.  Ewwww!  Mud!  Soooo grosss!

Ok, regroup, regroup.  Can’t focus on the mud…or the fire…(shudder)

Anyway, it’s Daddy Daughter Date Night, so I’ll be alone for a little while.  My plan is Chinese take out, a bordeaux that I got for Valentines day, and a movie.  I have Eat, Pray, Love and Easy A, but I’m thinking the first one is more appropriate for solo girls night.  I’m looking forward to it, probably just as much as the little one is looking forward to her night with daddy.

Life is good!

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