Sunday, February 27, 2011


February 25, 2011

Thank goodness it’s Friday!  Even though it’s a pretty lame Friday night.  No neighbors, no movies, no adult beverages.  My husband wasn’t feeling very well, so he turned in early.  After almost falling asleep as I put the little one to bed, I took off for the rec center.  Tomorrow is going to be a pretty intense day, so tonight I just did some cardio by jogging on the treadmill.

But it was a great run!
Almost 2 miles!!  In 32 minutes!!  I know for runners, that is very slow; but for me it’s great progress.  The treadmill always gives a 2 minute cool down, so rather than cool down, I kept my pace.  If I could have extended the time to make it to 2 miles, I would have.  I was excited to have finished the 30 minutes.  With that being said, I really wanted to stop after 10 minutes.  Lol. 

So now, I’m downstairs in my living room watching Glee, and they are singing a great song from Rent.  I really should go to sleep, but that means I have to climb upstairs.  I know that sound lame, but when I climb those stairs I know the legs will start cursing at me …again.

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