Sunday, February 27, 2011

I am the Warrior!

February 24, 2011

Bang, bang!  Okay,hopefully everyone remembers that song. 

After my appointment with Kyle, I didn’t make it back to the gym.  Wednesday, I felt the effects of our session EVERYWHERE.  Especially my thighs.  Ouch!  My friend, Che, warned me of protesting legs and how they like to act out when you try to stand up from the potty.  Well it wasn’t quite that bad.  But today it was.  Yesterday, I was walking normal; today I am walking like Frankenstein. 

I have an hour to workout on Thursday while my  little one is in jazz, so I was determined to start my “Kyle” program.  How? I wasn’t sure, but I stretched for a few minutes and got on the treadmill.  Amazingly enough, the pain seemed to disappear.  I jogged for 7 minutes, and my legs didn’t even mind.  So I be-bopped over to the mat to start my circuit training.  I cruised through all 10 exercises working up more than a glistening film of sweat  (ewwww), and then ran through them again.  Another guy working out asked me about my workout and if I was working with a trainer.  Turns out he’s a trainer himself, and commended me on my form and told me I was doing great! =)  He totally thought I was hot!  (inside joke between me and my sister and daughter-I don’t really think he thought I was hot)

After my 2 circuit run throughs, I ran another 7 minutes, this time 2/10 mph faster than my earlier speed.  I’ll be up to 4 mph before you know it.

This was a tough workout, but it felt really good and I felt like I could have done more.  I feel it now in my arms and abs, and I know as soon as I try to stand I’ll feel it in my legs.  As sore as I was this afternoon though, I am really excited and encouraged that I got through it feeling great!  Makes me wanna sing….

I am the warrior, and victory is mine!

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