Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Leg Supremacy

It's official.  The legs have stopped cursing at me.  I guess the have finally realized that they can not beat me and must join me in my quest to be a warrior princess! 

Speaking of princesses, today's workout consisted of playing in the pool with my daughter.  The plan was to go to the natatorium and tread water while she played on the diving boards, but the diving boards were closed.  So instead, we played.  I did use some water weights while chasing her around, and of course, she also choreographed some flips and water twirls that I had to mimic.  So I did get my heart rate up.  And I'm sure I gave the lifeguards a good laugh; but that's okay, we had a great time.

I mean, how could they know they were laughing at Warrior Dash royalty?

Saturday Morning Fabulous!

February 26, 2011

What a morning!  Grace Kelly and I opened up the rec center this morning!  It opens at 8 on Saturdays so we met up first thing to run through the “Kyle” circuit program.  We warmed up on the elliptical and got started.  It took no time at all to work up that wonderful “glisten” ;)   It seemed more difficult today, but  I don’t know if that had anything to do with my late night run last night. Anyhow, we ran through the circuit program twice, and then cooled down by stretching.  Definitely a good workout, and I’m sure we looked fabulous lifting our weight in unison side by side.  lol

But then it was time for zumba!  OMG!!!  The first five minutes were excruciating!  I  honestly did not think I would make it through.  I started thinking that maybe it was a little ambitious to think we could do the circuit and zumba in one day.  After the third song, Kelly and I exchanged what I consider to be a what-the-hell-are-we-doing look while getting a sip of water.  But we kept going and started to have some fun and getting into the music. Before we knew it the hour had gone by, and we were still alive and looking fabulous-well maybe…  At least we were alive.

It was a great and challenging day at the gym, but it made me wonder how much we are really capable of.  I think in general we stop short of what we can do, at least I think I do.  But these last couple of weeks, I’ve been pushing myself-even if just a little at a time. 
Hmmm…Maybe I’ll try jumping jacks.

Or maybe I’ll give it a couple more weeks.

I have about an hour before everyone comes home.  They are out watching the Justin Beiber movie.  I am picturing my husband dancing in the aisles since I know he is just thrilled to be there.  =)  I’m sure this image will make climbing the stairs just a little easier, and knowing he’s willing to be there with our little one-well that’s fabulous!


February 25, 2011

Thank goodness it’s Friday!  Even though it’s a pretty lame Friday night.  No neighbors, no movies, no adult beverages.  My husband wasn’t feeling very well, so he turned in early.  After almost falling asleep as I put the little one to bed, I took off for the rec center.  Tomorrow is going to be a pretty intense day, so tonight I just did some cardio by jogging on the treadmill.

But it was a great run!
Almost 2 miles!!  In 32 minutes!!  I know for runners, that is very slow; but for me it’s great progress.  The treadmill always gives a 2 minute cool down, so rather than cool down, I kept my pace.  If I could have extended the time to make it to 2 miles, I would have.  I was excited to have finished the 30 minutes.  With that being said, I really wanted to stop after 10 minutes.  Lol. 

So now, I’m downstairs in my living room watching Glee, and they are singing a great song from Rent.  I really should go to sleep, but that means I have to climb upstairs.  I know that sound lame, but when I climb those stairs I know the legs will start cursing at me …again.

I am the Warrior!

February 24, 2011

Bang, bang!  Okay,hopefully everyone remembers that song. 

After my appointment with Kyle, I didn’t make it back to the gym.  Wednesday, I felt the effects of our session EVERYWHERE.  Especially my thighs.  Ouch!  My friend, Che, warned me of protesting legs and how they like to act out when you try to stand up from the potty.  Well it wasn’t quite that bad.  But today it was.  Yesterday, I was walking normal; today I am walking like Frankenstein. 

I have an hour to workout on Thursday while my  little one is in jazz, so I was determined to start my “Kyle” program.  How? I wasn’t sure, but I stretched for a few minutes and got on the treadmill.  Amazingly enough, the pain seemed to disappear.  I jogged for 7 minutes, and my legs didn’t even mind.  So I be-bopped over to the mat to start my circuit training.  I cruised through all 10 exercises working up more than a glistening film of sweat  (ewwww), and then ran through them again.  Another guy working out asked me about my workout and if I was working with a trainer.  Turns out he’s a trainer himself, and commended me on my form and told me I was doing great! =)  He totally thought I was hot!  (inside joke between me and my sister and daughter-I don’t really think he thought I was hot)

After my 2 circuit run throughs, I ran another 7 minutes, this time 2/10 mph faster than my earlier speed.  I’ll be up to 4 mph before you know it.

This was a tough workout, but it felt really good and I felt like I could have done more.  I feel it now in my arms and abs, and I know as soon as I try to stand I’ll feel it in my legs.  As sore as I was this afternoon though, I am really excited and encouraged that I got through it feeling great!  Makes me wanna sing….

I am the warrior, and victory is mine!


February 22, 2011

My legs hate me.  I promised I would give them a break and do water aerobics yesterday, but I lied.  My little one was sick, so rather than go to the gym, I ran my same 1.58 mile track around the neighborhood.  It seemed a little harder than the day before, but I think I was going at a little bit faster of a pace.  Maybe even 3.4 mph! *said sarcastically  ;) *   I’ll never know though because the iMapMyRun app failed me.  I was SO disappointed! Grace, however, was at water aerobics; and she gave it her all!  Go Kelly! =)    She also scolded me when I suggested we go get a free cookie from the break room! Said it wasn’t part of our Warrior Dash training! Go Kelly!  >=/

So today, I met with Kyle for my one personal training session.  I wish I could have more, because in my 30 minutes, I could tell a HUGE difference in the way I felt.  It’s much more challenging, and it has to be more effective.  Most of the things he showed me involved the exercise ball and weights, which is great because I have these things at home for those times that I can’t get to the gym.  I’m excited, and I can tell I’m going to be sore tomorrow; and I didn’t’ even go through the full circuit training regimen!  Depending on when bedtime falls tonight, I may go back to start the program.  I’m supposed to do the whole shebang with no breaks and then run through the whole routine again.   Kyle says to do this 3 times a week, but not consecutive days.  On in-between days, I’ll focus on cardio and increasing my speed and distance.

Sounds like a great plan, huh! 

But seriously, my legs hate me.  One of the exercises involved squats using the ball, and my legs are SCREAMING in protest.  I’m pretty sure they’re screaming explatives!  I’m concerned about a boycott if I try to squat.  Is there a word for the fear of squatting?

Power of the Mind!

February 20, 2011

I am not getting sick! I am not getting sick! I am not getting sick…..

Ok.  In an effort to kick the butt of this cold or sinus infection or whatever it is that’s trying to knock me down, I decided to go for a run.  I knew I wouldn’t have time to go to the gym today because I had a knitting class to go to (more on that later.)  My little one stretched with me, which made me think that she may like to do yoga with me sometime.  Anyhow,  I put on my sneakers and started the iMapMyRun app on my phone and hit the pavement.  I felt like I was going much slower than normal, which is already pretty slow.  With each step of my jog, my mantra was, “I…am…not…getting…sick…”  I am happy to report that I added .59 miles to yesterday’s jog for a total of 1.59 miles in 28.54 minutes!  I was so excited.  It’s very different being outdoors.  The sun was hot, so that’s something to consider.  It was nicer being in the shade, and there was a breeze the whole time, so that was good. 

So, now I’m feeling pretty good; I can still walk, and I don’t feel completely depleted.  My friend, Dianne is very talented, and she sews and crochets.  Now she wants to master the art of knitting, so I told her I would go to a class with her.  Fun!  She picks me up, and I drive her car to the class. I haven’t driven a car for a while, and compared to my minivan, it’s very small and low to the ground.  But compare to the minivan, I felt like I was in a sports car!  More fun!   It took us about 25 minutes to get there, but when I tried to get out of the car I swear my legs didn’t want to move!  That was the aftermath I had envisioned, just delayed!  After a small pep talk, my legs agreed to work again.

I guess I’ll do some yoga after my angel goes to sleep.  Maybe if I stretch enough, my legs will forgive me.  Maybe they’ll enjoy being in the water tomorrow for water aerobics!

I am not getting sick…I am not getting sick…I am not getting sick….

Waka Waka

February 19, 2011

So yesterday, I get a call from Kyle, who is my trainer for my one personal session.  He had something come up (being that’s its a Friday, I figured it was a date) but no problem.  We rescheduled for Tuesday and since we were able to talk a little bit, he says he will come up with some good core exercises to help me with my goals.  Maybe him cancelling is a good thing.

With that being taken off of the agenda, I took it easy.  My wonderful husband cooked me dinner and served me a glass of wine after.  Nice.  =)  Turned in early to get ready for Zumba!

Zumba!!!!!!  So much fun!  I’ve only been to two of these classes now, but boy is it a workout!  I still can’t figure out how to do a total body shake, but I’m not so sure that’s a bad thing at this stage of the game. I think I would get an even better workout if there were no mirrors.  It’s much better to “imagine in your head” what you look like rather than seeing the real thing.  I like that image better.  I look pretty damn good in my head.  My cousin, Gloria, joined me instead of going out to breakfast, so Yea! Gloria!!  So much fun!

I had put my keys and phone upstairs, but after the class, I was thinking I needed to take the elevator.  But I prevailed and climbed the stairs.   But then the track was right there!  Well, I thought, I can try to jog a couple of laps.  So off I go.  This track is 1/10 of a mile, so around I go once…twice…then I thought, I can go one more.  So I go one more, then I thought, I may as well go half a mile!  So I go for the 5; but then I lost count!  I think I’m on 6!  So I keep going…and going…and going.  Before I know it, I’m up to 9!  I can go a mile!!

This is exciting news!

But when I get to 10, I think what if I was actually at 4 when I thought I was at 5?  So I ran an extra one for good measure.  So to sum up, I either jogged 1 mile or 1 & 1/10 mile in 20 minutes!  Those last two laps were a little tough, but even though I looked like I was close to death, I felt pretty good.  I just kept singing Shakira’s Waka Waka in my head.   (If you want a good get-up-and-get-going song, this is a great one!) I ran without my Ipod, so between that and running on a track and not a treadmill, it added another dimension to the game.  I doubt I can take my music with my on the Warrior Dash.  Well I’d be afraid to anyway with the mud.  Ewwww!  Mud!  Soooo grosss!

Ok, regroup, regroup.  Can’t focus on the mud…or the fire…(shudder)

Anyway, it’s Daddy Daughter Date Night, so I’ll be alone for a little while.  My plan is Chinese take out, a bordeaux that I got for Valentines day, and a movie.  I have Eat, Pray, Love and Easy A, but I’m thinking the first one is more appropriate for solo girls night.  I’m looking forward to it, probably just as much as the little one is looking forward to her night with daddy.

Life is good!

275 Days!

February 17, 2011

So I counted today, and there are 275 days until the Warrior Dash.  I’m wondering if my obsessive mind will calm down within that time.

Before my husband joined the Recreation Center, I felt like I was starting to get some sort of handle on the chaos which is my home.  I was at least shining my sink every night.  If you are familiar with, then you know what I’m talking about.  I was shining my sink, hitting my hot spots, and once in a while trying to tackle the missions that the e-mails would send me on.  I had my weekly dinners planned and was on top of cooking healthy meals for my family.  I felt really good about that. 

But now, I’m so focused on my next workout that my sink is crying to be shined! There has to be a balance.  Hmmmm.  I’ll have to work on that.  I guess I’ll have to get back to the Flylady and start making routines.  It’s just that my workouts are so late so I’m getting to bed later…which makes me not want to wake up that extra 30 minutes early to prepare for the rest of the day.  But there can be no excuses; I just have to make it work.

So, while my little one was in jazz class at the center, I went for my shorter, condensed workout, which consisted of:
  • Treadmill walk/jog-17 minutes, jogging the last 7!  Woo Hoo!
  • Exercise machines, focusing on arms and including abs.
  • Quick 7 minute cool down on the elliptical
I tried the medieval machine once again while working on my abs in between sets.  I also witnessed someone else on this demon machine and learned that it does double duty.  You can do pull ups and dips!  I thought I should try to see if I could do at least 5 dips, but then two guys tackled the machine; I did not want to interrupt.  Really, I didn’t want them hovering while I tried.  So, I’ll put it on the books for next time.

I saw my friend and neighbor (another amazing woman) working out, and Grace Kelly was heading to Zumba as I was getting ready to head home.  All I can say is that there is all kinds of hot stuff working out at that place!  We rock!

Tomorrow I have a training session with a personal trainer.  Hopefully I can get some great insight on how to improve my future torture sessions - I mean workouts.  >=)-

Grace Kelly

February 16, 2011

When I started working out again, I decided Wednesday would be my designated day off.  I woke up kind of tired, so I skipped yoga with the girls at work at lunchtime, and I was all ready to embrace my day off; but then my husband called.  Since he had a late softball game, I could work out early instead of waiting til our little one went to sleep.

Well, dang it!

Ok, I will go try to swim a couple of laps in the natatorium.  That’s low impact and good cardio.

But then there was water aerobics.  So much for no workout; I had to join in.  Kelly came in a little after class started, but she was just in time to grab a noodle and do some great triceps exercises.  Last week was my week to trip over my water weights, but this time, it was Kelly who struggled with the swimming noodle.  As she commented on how uncoordinated she is, I decided I will refer to her as Grace…Grace Kelly. =)

So now the word is out that Grace Kelly and I are going to be doing the Warrior Dash, which is good because we can’t back out.  We are warriors in the making, and there’s no turning back.

To Be a Warrior!

February 15, 2011

Hello world!

About me, hmmm...Well, I'm about to turn 40 in April, and I have felt for some time that I need to do something crazy, something out of my box and unlike me.  Once I heard and thought about the Warrior Dash, I thought this is it! As described on the offical website,, it should be the "craziest freaking day of (my) life!"  It is a "mud-crawling, fire leaping, extreme run from hell!"  So to sum up...

On any given day, I would normally not leap through fire.  So what I'm looking at in addition to being a non-fire jumper:

Warrior Dash = running...I don't run
Warrior Dash = trekking through muddy water...I don't do muddy, dirty water
Warrior Dash = crawling through the mud...I don't; well, you get the point.

Oh, and you get a free beer when your finished with the course...I don't drink beer.

Welcome to my journey!

I'll be joining my fellow warriors in central Texas.  There is one closer to home, but the one in Cedar Creek gives me more time to train.  I am not in great shape.  Actually, I'm in horrible shape.  Pictures will come later of what I look like now; but for now, just know I have much weight to lose and much muscle to gain.

I started my exercise regimen a couple of weeks ago.  I decided to do the Dash on Monday morning as I was still lying in bed.  I woke up thinking about it and started to watch some YouTube videos before I got up.  My husband laughed at me when I told him I was going to train for this and then proceeded to say "Ewwww!" and "Gross, look at all that mud!" as I watched the videos.  "How are you going to get through this?" he asked.  I'm  not sure what the answer is to that, but stay tuned to find out.

So yesterday, I got on the treadmill for 47 minutes (including the 2-minute cool down) and walked/jogged 2.58 miles, elevation 67, and jogging the last 6 minutes at 3.5 mph.  That felt good!  Tonight, I tried some medieval looking machine (assisted pull up) that allowed me to actually do a pull up.  Actually I did 20, because I maxed out the weight to counteract my body weight.  But it's a start, and I was excited that I didn't let it intimidate me.  Medieval things tend to do that.

So I may be crazy, but I have company.  My friend Kelly will be my partner in crime, and we'll be training together at our local gym.  Which is good-crazy loves company!